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NAAD System NEW Release – Version 8.0

We are pleased to announce that during the week of April 25th Pelmorex will be releasing Version 8.0 of the NAAD System.

The update window is between Monday, April 25th at 08:00 EST and Wednesday, April 27th at 23:00 EST. We expect little to no interruption to the system during this update.

The new features include:

  1. The addition of a “Broadcast Text” field allowing issuers to enter exactly the text they want made public by broadcasters and other LMDs.
  2. The addition of a “WPAS Text”, short text field to support wireless alerting, as well as the WPAS wireless alerting pilot project in Ontario.
  3. Text To Speech (TTS) allowing AGA’s to generate and preview audio versions of their alerts.
  4. Other “behind the scenes” enhancements to improve system stability and performance.

Please note that during the release window all NAAD System feeds will be available without any disruption, and will remain fully compatible with your current equipment configuration.  During release week we will also be publishing an updated version of the User Guide.  The User Guide will contain further details on these new features.

Although the TTS functionality will be active within the NAAD System, some time will be required to complete configuration and training for each alerting region. Further updates will be sent out advising you in advance of each region coming online.