Active Public Safety Messages

Active Alert Messages

Current active Public safety messages issued by Authorized Government Agencies are available on The Weather Network website at Alerts: Watches & Warnings webpage.

Supported Communication Channels

The NAAD System supports 3 official communication channels for Last Mile Distributors to receive public safety messages:

1) TCP streaming feed

2) Ku Band satellite feed

3) C Band satellite feed

Pelmorex recommends Last Mile Distributors connect to the NAAD System’s supported feeds to retrieve public safety messages. Additional information on how to obtain public safety messages through these channels is provided in the .

GeoRSS Feed :

Pelmorex has made available a GeoRSS feed to view public safety messages but cautions that a push mechanism such as the TCP/IP Socket feed or one of the satellite feeds (KU Band or C Band) is the recommended, reliable means of automatically receiving real time automatic public safety messages. The GeoRSS feed is not the official, supported or recommended method for Last Mile Distributers to retrieve Public Safety Messages from the NAAD System as an RSS feed works on a pull mechanism.  More on the RSS reader below:

The RSS feed is accessible through the Internet and is formatted in Atom Syndication Format and also includes the GeoRSS Simple Support, which includes additional geographical information related to the affected area taken from the original Public Safety Message. The RSS feed can be viewed using any RSS reader that supports an Atom feed; however, standard RSS readers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) will only display the RSS/Atom portion, and not the geographical information included by the GeoRSS portions.

The GeoRSS feed contains the last 48 hours of public safety messages listed as Atom elements. Each alert info element will be represented as an entry in the feed. Categories in the feed can be used to filter the entries. For example, language=en-CA category will allow the RSS Reader to display only entries for the en-CA language/locale.

To access the GeoRSS feed :