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Capella Telecommunications Inc. & Monroe Electronics

Capella is a Canadian stocking distributor providing the cable, telco, broadcast and utility industries with support services and products from world-leading manufacturers. Since 2008 Capella has been the Canadian distributor of Monroe Electronics, a leading U.S. manufacturer of public alerting equipment. Monroe Electronics, founded in 1954, has supported the cable and telco industries since the 1970s. Its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary was the very first firm to introduce a CAP-compatible broadcast alert encoder/decoder in 2004. Its CAP-compliant “DASDEC-II” alert system is currently utilized in over 60% of U.S. broadcast television operations, and a number of radio operations. It’s “R189 One-Net” alert platform is relied upon by almost 70% of U.S. cable television systems.

In Canada, Capella has been promoting Monroe’s public alerting solutions to broadcasters, satellite, cable, and IPTV companies and has been selected by operators across all segments as the alerting system of choice. Capella has also been working with Pelmorex (The Weather Network) to ensure that Monroe’s product line can accept and process the CAP-CP (Canadian Profile) alerts currently being issued by the Pelmorex National Alert Aggregation & Dissemination System (NAADS). In addition, Capella has also been working with Monroe to ensure its products fully comply with the NPAS Common Look and Feel Guidance.



Head Office
747 Monaghan Road
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 5K2

Tel: 705-748-3255
Toll-Free: 800-668-0175
Fax: 705-748-4535
Email: orderdesk@capella.ca

Montréal Office
365 Saint-Jean Street, Suite 112
Longueuil, QC J4H 2X7

Tel: 514-362-0388
Toll-Free: 1-800-575-1800
Fax: 514-362-0377
Email: quebec@capella.ca

Western Canada Office
P.O. Box 1602
Garibaldi Highlands, BC V0N 1T0

Tel: 604-567-0010
Toll-Free: 800-227-5492
Fax: 888-863-6914
Email: rbetts@capella.ca