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Global Security Systems

Global Security Systems is a systems integrator, service provider and manufacturer of the ALERT FM, Alert Studio and GSSNet, a satellite data delivery system.  Alert Studio provides a user-friendly web-based interface that allows NAAD approved users to quickly send information to the public and other agencies via various contact paths which include    National Public Alerting System (“NPAS”): information distributed across radio and television stations. Similarly, in the United States, GSS has participated in the development of IPAWS based systems, is a member of the Commercial Mobile Alert Service systems committee, and is actively involved with several EAS and CAP committees.  The GSS nationwide GSSNet satellite data delivery system for emergency alerts currently is in operation on over 500 radio stations in 17 states and Canada; is growing daily; and includes the ability to generate and deliver CAP messages.

Corporate website: www.alertfm.com