Broadcast Immediate Alerts

All public safety messages are important but some deal with imminent or unexpected threats to life. In these situations, it is important to reach the public as soon as possible; to make them aware of the threat and to allow them to take measures to protect themselves and their family.

For this reason a group of senior officials from each of the provinces and territories with representatives of the federal government defined the types of events and circumstances which would warrant the immediate broadcast of an emergency message by local TV and radio broadcasters and cable and satellite distributors.

This list was filed with the CRTC and adopted by the Pelmorex Alerting Governance Council. As a result, effective October 13, 2011, Pelmorex’s National Alert Aggregation & Dissemination System includes in each public safety messages, as recommended by the Government Agencies, a “flag” or indicator informing broadcasters whether that specific message meets the criteria of an imminent threat to life and is recommended for immediate broadcast. The details about the NAAD System policy governing these types of emergency messages, how they are “flagged” can be found at the link below: