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OpenBroadcaster Inc. provides an open source web based automation software system to manage radio, television, and digital signage and cable TV channels. It integrates the Pelmorex™ National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System (NAAD System) feeds adhering to the Common Alerting Protocol into its open source broadcasting framework. It complies with CRTC requirements to participate in Canada’s National Public Alerting System. The completed code is available in the public domain under an AGPL3 license.

The OpenBroadcaster system allows to broadcast unattended emergency messages consisting of audio and visual alerts. It has its own internal priority message system (across all supported media) so operators can override music programming with an audio file or display an image as an overlap on LCD display or CATV Channel.

It is available as a complete turnkey integrated system or as a standalone inline box to intelligently route audio for emergency messaging to comply with CRTC requirements of mandatory carriage of Pelmorex feeds.

The OpenBroadcaster system is used to run local Radio and TV stations across Canada and around the world. Pelmorex feeds integration offers a cost effective and reliable emergency broadcast solution resulting in an immediate improvement to public safety.


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