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Current active Public safety messages issued by Authorized Government Agencies are available on The Weather Network website at Alerts: Watches & Warnings webpage.

Supported Communication Channels

The NAAD System supports 3 official communication channels for Last Mile Distributors to receive public safety messages:

  1. TCP streaming feed
  2. Ku Band satellite feed
  3. C Band satellite feed

Pelmorex recommends Last Mile Distributors connect to the NAAD System’s supported feeds to retrieve public safety messages. Additional information on how to obtain public safety messages through these channels is provided in the User Guide for Last Mile Distributors.

GeoRSS Feed :

Pelmorex has made available a GeoRSS feed to view public safety messages but cautions that a push mechanism such as the TCP/IP Socket feed or one of the satellite feeds (KU Band or C Band) is the recommended, reliable means of automatically receiving real time automatic public safety messages. The GeoRSS feed is not the official, supported or recommended method for Last Mile Distributers to retrieve Public Safety Messages from the NAAD System as an RSS feed works on a pull mechanism.  More on the RSS reader below:

The RSS feed is accessible through the Internet and is formatted in Atom Syndication Format and also includes the GeoRSS Simple Support, which includes additional geographical information related to the affected area taken from the original Public Safety Message. The RSS feed can be viewed using any RSS reader that supports an Atom feed; however, standard RSS readers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) will only display the RSS/Atom portion, and not the geographical information included by the GeoRSS portions.

The GeoRSS feed contains the last 48 hours of public safety messages listed as Atom elements. Each alert info element will be represented as an entry in the feed. Categories in the feed can be used to filter the entries. For example, language=en-CA category will allow the RSS Reader to display only entries for the en-CA language/locale.

To access the GeoRSS feed : http://rss.naad-adna.pelmorex.com

All public safety messages are important but some deal with imminent or unexpected threats to life. In these situations, it is important to reach the public as soon as possible; to make them aware of the threat and to allow them to take measures to protect themselves and their family.

For this reason a group of senior officials from each of the provinces and territories with representatives of the federal government defined the types of events and circumstances which would warrant the immediate broadcast of an emergency message by local TV and radio broadcasters and cable and satellite distributors.

This list was filed with the CRTC and adopted by the Pelmorex Alerting Governance Council. As a result, effective October 13, 2011, Pelmorex’s National Alert Aggregation & Dissemination System includes in each public safety messages, as recommended by the Government Agencies, a “flag” or indicator informing broadcasters whether that specific message meets the criteria of an imminent threat to life and is recommended for immediate broadcast. The details about the NAAD System policy governing these types of emergency messages, how they are “flagged” can be found at the link below:

An Authorized Government Agency (AGA) is any government agency, department or ministry with authority to issue public safety messages to the public and which has entered into a User Access Agreement with Pelmorex. Typically, Authorized Government Agencies are the provincial or territorial departments responsible for emergency management. They coordinate access and use of the NAAD System within their respective jurisdictions. Federal agencies and departments may also be authorized to access the NAAD System.

At this time, the following governments have entered into User Access Agreements with Pelmorex to distribute their public safety messages over the NAAD System. For any inquiries and for reporting any issues directed towards them, please feel free to contact the contact person listed below.

Pelmorex undertook to establish a Governance Council composed of senior executives from interested public and private stakeholders to “give direction and advice to Pelmorex solely on certain matters relating to its role as an aggregator and backbone distributor of emergency alert messages”.

The Governance Council is composed of representatives from the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments, as well as public and private broadcasters, cable and satellite distributors.

Last Mile Distributors make Alert Messages available directly to the public. They include, but are not limited to, cable TV and direct-to-home satellite service providers, TV and radio stations, wire-line and wireless telecommunications carriers, ISPs and internet websites. Basically, anyone who helps make public safety messages available directly to the public are Last Mile Distributors (LMD). There is no requirement for these groups or anyone else to pass on public safety messages, the system is entirely voluntary.

Organizations and companies that wish to act as Last Mile Distributors and pass on public safety messages to the public can register with us.

The following companies provide equipment and other services to assist last mile distributors in making Alert Messages distributed over the NAAD System available to the public:

Disclaimer: The references below are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Pelmorex of any of the products, or services provided by the corporations listed. Please contact the companies listed for answers to questions regarding their products and services.