Wireless Public Alerting

Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) make Alert Messages available to the public on alert-capable LTE devices. Alerts on mobile devices will warn Canadians about dangers to life and property so that they can take appropriate action.

WSPs will connect to the National Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) System and must implement emergency alert distribution capability on their networks by April 6, 2018.

Technical Resources:

The following documents provide Wireless Service Providers with information on how to connect to the NAAD System to receive alert messages intended for immediate distribution on LTE networks in Canada:

    • SOREM Public Alerting Working Group Requirements for Wireless Public Alerting version 1.0
      The Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management (SOREM) – Public Alerting Working Group (PAWG) Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Requirements for Wireless Public Alerting represents the functional requirements as defined by Canadian Governmental Alerting Authorities.

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